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"Paddle-boarding has been around for centuries, operating initially as a way for travelers and pioneers to venture across great lakes and rivers. Now it has become one of the most popular past times to enjoy a relaxing experience at sea. While most water sports will have you operating heavy equipment, the paddle-board has remained as simplistic in its design and operation since when it was first invented. All it requires of you is two feet, and a single oar to help you coast across the ocean. The paddle-board is the best way to get close to the beautiful marine life below you without ever having to actually get into the ocean. The lack of noise or size means that the marine life below goes completely unbothered by your presence. While you’re gliding across the sea you can simply look below to see anything from gorgeous coral, to tropical fish or even docile water mammals like manatees or dolphins."

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Starts from: 400 AED

Marine Leisure Activities

Paddle Board

Jumeirah Beach - Jumeirah

Price: 400 AED - Per 1 Hours

Minimum Number 1 Hours

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Seven Yachts

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Bulgari Yacht Club, Jumeira Bay Island, Jumeirah 2, Dubai, UAE

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