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If you’ve always wanted to take scuba diving lessons, experience unparalleled adventure and see the world beneath the waves, this is where it starts.

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Starts from: 1300 AED

Marine Leisure Activities

Scuba Diving

Jumeirah - Jumeirah

Price: 1300 AED - Per 1 Persons

Scuba Diving

Jumeirah - Jumeirah

Price: 1500 AED - Per 1 Persons

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Bermuda Diving Center

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Al Wasl Rd Villa No 604

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The PADI Open Water Diver course consists of three main phases:
Knowledge Development (independent study or in a classroom) to understand basic principles of scuba diving
Confined Water Dives to learn basic scuba skills
Open Water Dives to use your skills and explore!
Diving to maximum depth of 18 metres/ 60 feet
PRICE 1500 Inculding all the learning material & licences
That’s what the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is all about. You don’t have to be “advanced” to take it –
it’s designed to advance your diving, so you can start right after earning your PADI Open Water Diver certification.
The course helps build confidence and expand your scuba skills through different Adventure Dives.
Adventure Dives. You try out different specialties while gaining experience under the supervision of your PADI Instructor.
You log dives and develop capabilities as you find new ways to have fun scuba diving.
PRICE 1300 Inculding all the learning material & licences.


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