A 2 hour experience - 30min safety and orientation briefing befort departing on the tour - 90 min guided tour navigating your own vessel from Kite beach to Burj Al Arab (stop for photos and story time) then to Logo Island (Stop for photos and story time) following the coat up to Atlantis (stop for photos and story time) then head back to the marina.

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Marine Leisure Activities

Boat Tour

Jumeirah Beach - Jumeirah

Price: 790 AED - Per 2 Persons

Minimum Number 2 Persons

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1303 Control Tower, Motor City, Dubai, UAE

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Terms and Conditions

Ages 6+, All tours are subject to weather and visibility conditions. Tour routes may vary due to weather and coast guard stipulations or other operational or safety considerations. All guests must navigate in a responsible manner and adhere to instructions of their allotted guides at all times. Alcohol and drugs are expressly forbidden according to local law and any guest can be refused access to the tour at the discretion of the guide, without refund, if suspected of being under the influence. Conditions of Carriage: Hero OdySea has the right to refuse any person or carriage of any item if it is deemed unsafe or may be hazardous or cause damage to the boats, crew, or fellow passengers. Wave jumping is strictly prohibited for the safety of the driver and the passenger. Life vests must be worn at all times and the “kill-cord” must be used without exceptions. Guest must maintain a distance of no less than 50 meters (150 feet) from fellow boats and all other marine markers like buoys. All other marine crafts, including windsurfs, paddle boards, jet skis, etc, have full priority and drivers must slow down and avoid said crafts at all times. Child Policy: 8 years and above are allowed on board the tours but only 18 years and above may drive the boats