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Bvlgari's first every Marina and Yacht Club is a 46 berth Mediterranean style marina accommodating yachts between 10m-50m with space for super yachts in the anchorage bay. 
Connected to the Bvlgari Yacht Club which has a Restaurant, Pool Bar, Members Lounge, Library and Board Room and a Kids Club; all with a stunning panoramic view of the Marina and Bvlgari Bay.  All areas are open to the public apart from the exclusive Members Lounge and Library on the top floor of the Yacht Club.

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Time: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM (GMT+4)

Category Marinas and Yacht Clubs, Sea Front Hotels
Destination URL Bvlgari Resort Yacht Club
Target User Type Local Yacht Owner, Resident, Tourist, Visitor, Yacht Owners
Location Jumeirah Bay Island
Yacht Size 14 Meters

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