Al Seef is a bustling destination, spread over 1.8km, and rooted in Dubai’s culture and heritage, with a charming atmosphere that resonates throughout its distinct heritage and contemporary areas, creating the perfect blend between the pat and today. Set against the backdrop of the long loved creek.
The shopping, dining, entertainment and tourism destination includes heritage and contemporary areas that are designed to tell Dubai’s story through architecture, an enable visitors to rediscover the heart of the city along its much-loved creek.
In Addition to appealing to residents. Al Seef is set to reimagine the experience for business and leisure travelers around Dubai Creek, with its close proximity to Dubai International Airport making it Accessible for transit, short and long term visitors, as well as Dubai residents.

Destination Details

Working Hours


Time: 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM (GMT+4)

Category Marinas and Yacht Clubs
Target User Type Local Yacht Owner, Resident, Tourist, Visitor, Yacht Owners
Location Al Seef

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Location and Navigation Information

City / Town Al Seef
District Bur Dubai
GPS Coordinates 25.238878,55.348127
Chart Numbers 3412
Minimum Depth At entrance 6


Total Number Of Berths 68
Size Range 10 - 40
Berths Under 10 m NA
Berths 10 20 m 28
Berths 20 - 30 m 27
Berths Over 30 m 13


Electricity Yes
Water Yes
Car Parking Yes
Showers No
Slipway Yes
Club House No
Maintenance No
Chandlery No
Restaurants And Bars Yes